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Believe me when I say that I KNOW changing your life can feel terrifying. 

I left a sh*t relationship, became a single parent, quit my job & followed my heart. 

Why? Because I hit 40 feeling exhausted, trapped & unhappy.

It had been building for a while. It had taken me years to become a parent; but I just wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t happy in my career and my relationship just felt like a massive burden.

And one day, I just decided I was done.

I started to let myself think about what my life could be; what I truly wanted (something I’d squashed down for years).

Once the answers started becoming clear, I saw all the barriers in my way – and simply started tackling them, one by one.

THIS is why I’m so damn passionate about helping you to do the same.  To be brave enough and gutsy enough to admit that YOU want more. To say out loud the things that scare you.  And then to change your life, bit by bit, one day at a time. 

You can do this.

And don’t worry…you never, ever have to feel alone. 

I’ve got you.

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  • MBTI Step II

  • DISC

  • NHS 360

  • EMCC Practitioner Coach

  • NLP Practitioner

  • Time Line Therapy Practitioner

  • Certificate in Hypnotherapy

  • MSc in Psychology

  • BA(Hons) Law and International Studies

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As a EMCC Accredited Life and Career Coach & Therapist and NLP Practitioner, certified in CBT & Hypnotherapy, I’m NOT a cookie cutter coach.  You get exactly what you need in each and every moment, to get the results you want.

Take a look around the website & if you’re ready to take that next step, I’d love to support you.

Always cheering you on,


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