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Coaching & Mentoring

Maybe you are new to management trying to figure it all out? Or an established Senior Lead trying to navigate the strategic challenges and want to learn how you can dial up your strengths? 


Or maybe you are in a completely different sector altogether but need support identifying the many hurdles that seem to get in the way or life or work? 

I am an experienced coach and have spent over 10 years coaching staff that include Medical Consultants, GPs, Trainees, Executives and international top talent.  Using my eclectic mix of tools, an accredited framework and intuition I can help you with stepping into your power, but also help you to see others’ perspectives, which is crucial in leadership. 


I offer both 1:1 and group coaching packages along with mentoring. 


Do you need psychometrics to help you understand your strengths?  I can also administer DISC and Myers’ Briggs tests and deliver a feedback session to understand the results and most importantly what you can do with the new insights. 

Life Coaching

Believe me when I say that I KNOW changing your life can feel terrifying. I left a shit relationship, became a single parent, quit my job & followed my heart.

Why? Because I hit 40 feeling exhausted, trapped & unhappy.

It had been building for a while. It had taken me years to become a parent; but I just wasn’t happy.  I wasn’t happy in my career and my relationship just felt like a massive burden.  And one day, I just decided I was done. I started to let myself think about what my life could be; what I truly wanted (something I’d squashed down for years). Once the answers started becoming clear, I saw all the barriers in my way – and simply started tackling them, one by one.

THIS is why I’m so damn passionate about helping you to do the same.  To be brave enough and gutsy enough to admit that YOU want more. To say out loud the things that scare you.  And then to change your life, bit by bit, one day at a time. 

You can do this. And don’t worry…you never, ever have to feel alone. 


I’ve got you.


Whether you want a live or virtual session, I can work with you to create a bespoke solution.  Common areas include: 

  • Mindset 

  • Impostor syndrome 

  • Wellbeing & resilience 

  • Goal setting 

  • Difficult conversations 

  • Coaching skills 

  • Influencing and impact 


If you are interested in training for a new or aspiring Managers, the 'Managers Mentoring Programme' could be for you! If you would like to know more about training options send me an email.

Previous clients have included:


My clients recognise the challenges in their organisation and genuinely want to make a difference - but they don't always know how.

Staff surveys are indicating that some staff are unhappy, but it can be incredibly difficult to get real information from the ground.

Which is why you need me.

My clients don’t want a standardised tick box approach.  They want REAL change; REAL solutions and REAL results.  They want different outcomes and they recognise they need to do something different to achieve it.

I specialise in identifying the real challenges within an organisation. 


My role is to make people feel safe and heard, knowing that I REALLY understand them.  I absolutely LOVE working with people, in focus groups and facilitated sessions. 


I will get you the answers which will help us work in partnership to think about the solutions that you need. 

Client Love

Working with Merrisha Gordon has been wonderful, and a highly positive experience.  Merrisha’s ability to grasp and understand the spoken and implicit issues within our organisation is admirable.  Not only that she also is able to design solutions to effectively address these issues with little intervention from me; she uses evidence available such as staff surveys and designs in line with the needs of the Trust.  


Merrisha is friendly, warm, flexible, and knowledgeable; she always delivers to deadlines, and builds rapport quickly.  Merrisha’s excellent at designing and delivering bespoke training and interventions quickly to meet our organisational needs, in a way that would connect with staff.  


Staff have shifted under her gentle yet challenging coaching, and feedback from participants has been amazing!  For that reason we have commissioned Merrisha for a second round of a six month programme, and called on her for 1:1 coaching too.   To anyone thinking of working with Merrisha, do it!!  She is highly competent and wants the best for you. 

Princess Kabba

Head of People Development

East London Foundation Trust

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