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What Clients Have Said


Rave Reviews

Working at home

“Absolutely loved the programme! Genuinely life changing (without sounding dramatic!)


Thank you so much for your guidance over the past 6 months. It has been a rollercoaster for me and I will always remember that I have shared it with you and the rest of the group who have been incredibly supportive! Thank you so much.

Holding Hands

“Working with Merrisha was more active than going to see a Counsellor.  You were the Cheerleader, the Coach, the one asking the questions helping to give focus and clarity when I was struggling to find it by myself.  


You accepted everything I threw at you, caught it for me and held it so we could explore it together.  I will be forever grateful for everything.  Thank you.”

Working on Laptop

“I've never been keen on speaking about my personal problems, but I really felt I could trust Merrisha and share the intimate details of my issues and trial.


My coaching experience was nothing short of enlightening”

Document with Pen

“Thank you for your valuable time and professionalism. I have really enjoyed meeting with you. 


Your coaching has been invaluable to me, not only in my professional life but also in my personal life.”

Public Speaker

“Starting coaching at a very difficult time in my life, Merrisha showed empathy and compassion towards me.


I have never been confident but through coaching I went from being an introvert to now being able to present in-front of an audience.

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Writing

“Merrsisha has deep introspective skills that enable her to connect with clients and ask the right questions. Her psychology background coupled with her personality make her a wonderful coach.”

Taking notes and reading

“I have grown as a result of working with Merrisha and feel more equipped to deal with challenges on my own.


The programme builds the self, layer by layer. It has been an excellent experience.


The workbooks really cement the course content.

Mother and Baby on Floor

“I can't stress enough how much of a difference it made to me that my coach was both a woman of colour and a single mum of a young child.  I felt so heard and safe. 


The lack of people like this in the profession (where I live in the NW) is one of the major reasons why I don't access other services like counselling.”

Reviewing Paperworks

“I had the great pleasure to be coached by Merrisha in 2019. The coaching was immensely beneficial and impactful for many areas of my life: from career to personal growth and confidence.


I would strongly recommend Merrisha as a coach, because she is incredibly empathetic and compassionate. Combined with her innate passion for coaching and inspiring others, she truly helped me to ask myself the key questions enabling me to navigate through my challenges.


“Merrisha has a non-judgemental style. She has an authentic leadership style and it is proven by the way she listens empathetically. Her honesty and wisdom led me work on myself in a way I hadn’t before and to secure two promotions while I was working with her. It was a real partnership. She always said I was the client she couldn’t keep up with but honestly it’s because I had an amazing supportive coach, who was willing to go the extra mile.”

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