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Supporting your organisation to recruit the right people, retain the good people and develop the excellent people

I work with organisations to get complete clarity & insight into the problems on the ground. Why are staff dissatisfied? Why are retention rates not higher? What are the real cultural challenges? 

And then collaborate with your senior leadership team, bringing my 20 years of management expertise & coaching experience to deliver the solutions you need.

My clients recognise the challenges in their organisation and genuinely want to make a difference – but they don’t always know how. Staff surveys are indicating that staff are not happy but organisations don't always know how to fix it. They're struggling with recruitment or seeing staff leaving, but finding it challenging to get to the crux of what is really happening on the ground.  

And my clients don’t just want a standardised tick box approach. They want REAL change; real soutions; real results. They want different outcomes and they recognise they need to do something different to achieve that.

I specialise in identifying the real challenges within an organisation. Staff often don't want to talk to people that are already within that organisation, because they don't feel safe to be honest about the reality of their experience, in case it somehow reflects badly on them or otherwise impacts their progression. 


My role is making people feel safe, talking very openly and honestly to me – knowing and feeling I hear and understand them.  I love to work with people in focus groups and facilitated sessions, in order to get these solutions that can then be fed back to management so that we can really take an informed and effective approach to solving the problem.


Bespoke Solutions

  • Teaching and training on a wide range of topics - from mindset & authentic leadership, to managing yourself in times of difficulty and stress and anxiety 

  • Group and individual coaching, from the ground up to Executive Coaching

  • ‘Lunch and Learns’ where staff can sit & pick my brains, to get the support they need

  • Consulting & Consultancy Coaching

  • Facilitating Away Days

Professional Experience

  • 20 years managing NHS Services across Acute, Community and Mental Health

  • Associate Coach for NHS England 

  •  Associate Coach for NHS Leadership Academy (London)

  • Graduate of King’s Fund ‘Transformational Leadership Programme’

  • Facilitator for various workshops across the NHS 

Clients tell me they want more of this. Staff tell me they leave our work together feeling more connected to their employer; more authentic in their leadership; that colleagues & managers are noticing the difference in how they show up at work and deal with challenges & difficulties. They are putting themselves forward for internal posts instead of leaving, because their organisation understands how to keep them happy & they are happy with that. 

So if you’d like to find out more about how I can support your organisation, just email me at and we can explore the options! 

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