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Are you ready to catapult the skills and confidence of your new and aspiring NHS Managers?

The Manager’s Mentoring Programme

Where you can feel supported and happy in your role knowing you have the tools to do the job

Are you struggling with filling your Management roles because right now it all feels hard?


Are staff feeling stressed and overwhelmed and reporting they need more support?


Do some of your Managers avoid those difficult conversations because they don’t feel confident tackling them?

I might not have spoken to them, but I know they need this. 

I’m Merrisha Gordon, and I have just the thing for you.

I am an Accredited Leadership Coach and Organisational Consultant with over 20 years’ experience of managing and leading NHS services.  I started in the NHS aged 23, and by 30 was an Assistant Director.  Whilst my career might have spring boarded quickly, it wasn’t without challenges, and so when I say I know what new Managers might need…I really do.


I have coached and mentored hundreds of people, and continue to work very closely with the NHS delivering coaching, mentoring and training.  And what I know for sure is that it is a real challenge working in the NHS right now, but some of the issues are not new.  Organisations across the country are struggling with recruitment and retention.  Morale is at an all time low.  And the staff are feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. 

And new and aspiring Managers are finding it really tough.

  • I know they probably started this year confident things would be different, but you know they need abit of support getting there

  • And I know they really love their jobs, but want to feel more confident at work

  • And I know that you want to give your staff the support they need, but right now you just don’t have the capacity


On a weekly basis I am speaking to people like your staff.  People who feel stuck.  People I can help


Which is why, I have developed the ‘Manager’s Mentoring Programme’

Why this Works


Because with staff in mind, this programme has been designed to be as simple as possible, in plain English, with each module requiring no more than 30 minutes commitment


Because I have real knowledge and experience that I am sharing with others


Because I have tonnes of testimonials from people who have worked with me and gained so much from my expertise


Because I have included some really simple templates which staff can use and start adopting good working practices from the start

Over six modules staff will learn…

The psychology behind their behaviour preferences as a Manager


How to manage their time effectively

The importance of developing the right mindset

The fundamentals of recruitment and induction

How to set relationships for success with seniors, peers and staff

Managing performance

AND in addition will get…

  • 4 weeks’ access to me via Voxer where staff can text, voicenote or send videos during working hours, posing their challenges and questions, with a response back from me within 24 hours

  • Lifetime access to the recordings which can be replayed to cement learning


  • The first 5 people signed up with have a full DISC assessment and feedback session to help them understand their strengths and blind spots in more detail


General Practitioner

I was most impressed by her professionalism, her kind and compassionate approach, combined with her dedication for achieving the best outcomes for all. Most of all, what I appreciate about Merrisha is for being her, living authentically, always providing great insights, she is smart and a pleasure to be around. Thank you Merrisha.

Band 5 NHS Project Manager

“Absolutely loved the programme! Genuinely life changing (without sounding dramatic!) 

Thank you so much for your guidance over the past 6 months. It has been a rollercoaster for me and I will always remember that I have shared it with you and the rest of the group who have been incredibly supportive! Thank you so much.”

Band 8A Clinical Psychologist

“I have grown as a result of working with Merrisha and feel more equipped to deal with challenges on my own. 

The programme builds the self, layer by layer. It has been an excellent experience. 

The workbooks really cement the course content.”


All of this for a special offer launch price of £1497


All of the above plus:

4 x 60 minute coaching sessions (to be take over 6 months)

Special offer launch price of £2500




How long are the modules?

Training videos are between 20-30 mins


How do staff access the training?

Upon signing up they will be issued a username and password to a secure portal


Can staff access this training from home?

Yes.  Once signed up this can be accessed at work or home (captions are on the videos)


What is Voxer?

A very simple communications app that keeps phone numbers private.  If staff can use Whatsapp they can use Voxer


What if we change our mind?

Everyone has a 14 day cooling off period for a full refund providing the programme hasn’t been accessed


Can we raise a PO?

Payment by card if preferable however if you need a PO raised please email


How can we be assured about your advice?

I want to reassure you that nothing will contravene protocol and staff will always be directed to HR / Seniors if needed, but the programme will equipping them with basics which is applicable across the NHS.  Having worked across a range of Trusts over the years I am confident about what I can / cannot advise


Still got questions?

©2021 by Merrisha Gordon Coaching & Consultancy. 

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